Wash Your Cares Away

Not a day goes by without a new survey on our daily habits making headline news and this week we have seen the results from the bathroom specialists ‘better bathrooms’ survey regarding our bathroom habits or rather, our bathing habits. It seems that whilst 51% (over half of those surveyed) shower every day, there is a small number of people (14%) who only shower once per week! On the opposite end of the scale around 4% shower twice per day, every day.

It seems that of those surveyed, the younger generations take longer in the shower than older people which perhaps shows that older people see showing as more of a necessity than a relaxation experience. The results of the survey also showed that, surprise, surprise, women took longer in the shower than men and whilst these findings are no surprise to anyone, the bathroom specialists chose to see this as ‘women enjoying a shower more and therefore taking more time to relax’. Actually, we would say that women tend to shave everything whist they are in the shower, wash their hair and let their conditioner soak in as the reason that they take longer, there is no time for relaxing in a shower, that is what a bath is for! Call themselves bathroom specialists?

Surveys on our daily (or not in some cases) habits can be interpreted in different ways. The bathroom specialists choose to believe that younger people take longer in the shower because they see it as a relaxing experience but if those surveyed did not reveal what they actually did whilst they were in the shower then how can we assume anything. Who is to say that they were alone. By the very fact that they were of a younger age group may suggest that they were not showering alone but as part of a couple and as we all know it can take quite a bit longer if you are sharing your shower! At Intimate Massage we have showers available for our clients, or spa jet baths if you prefer. We like the fact that an encounter starts with a shower and the warm water can aid in relaxation and the soothing bubbles of the shower gel can help to glide across our skin leaving us prepped and primed for whatever lays ahead! If our beauties were surveyed, then they would cause some surprising numbers for people showing more than twice in any day and it would be interesting how the bathroom company would interpret those findings!

At Intimate Massage we prefer jet baths and all our rooms have en-suite facilities for our clients’ pleasure and convenience; and as we like to create the perfect setting we have soft piped music to get you in the relaxed mood into all our rooms. Of course, with showers or baths you need fluffy white towels and comfy bathrobes and in each room, you will find a plentiful supply for your personal use.  We aim to operate very much like a spa facility but without all the different therapies as we have found that there is only one therapy our clients are looking for and it rarely requires the use of hot stones! Of course, if that is what our clients are looking for, or perhaps if they seek to enjoy the unusual then of course our beautiful Bedford escorts and massage specialists will always aim to fulfill those dreams but for the most part it is regular sensual companionship that is the top requirement. Showers and baths are optional!