Toys for Big Boys


At Christmas time, it is certainly not unusual for our beautiful Bedford escorts to receive gifts from their regular gentlemen and whilst this is not something that we expect our clients to do, it is certainly a very thoughtful and sweet gesture which our beautiful Bedford escorts appreciate. Obviously the tone of the gifts tend to turn more towards an adult flavour and lots of our ladies receive things like sexy toys and accessories or sexy items of lingerie and whilst some of them do have designer labels including Agent Provocateur lingerie no one, so far as we know, have had the Gucci label.

Gucci is not a label that is most associated with sexy toys or adult items however a pair of Gucci silver handcuffs appeared on (an online designer swap and auction site) this week and the asking price for them was a whopping $65,000. They were a pair of solid silver handcuffs with keyless push button closures and were displayed in the Gucci window on the same day that Patricia Gucci was convicted of murder in 1998. Apparently, this was a coincidence, but some have their doubts. As well as the designer cuffs you would also get the bag that they come in and the cuffs are hallmarked with the designer’s name and silver mark. A snip at the price or so 345 people who offered to buy it thought! So, was this the high priced designer company’s first foray into kink? Apparently not, as they make designer metal thongs for both men and women and also spanking paddles too!

Of course, none of these items are likely to be presented to our beauties and neither do they want them as they do not require that their accessories have a designer label on them. It is always how the item is used that gives the most pleasure and since their adult items are never purchased to go on display, they are purchased for the use that they were intended so nobody pays any attention to the name on the label!

Our Bedford beauties are often enjoying encounters which involve some form of kink or another however it does make one ask, what is kink? It may simply be the case that what is deemed unusual for one person is perfectly normal for another and this has been shown in the popularity for the 50 Shades of Gray books. These books shot to stardom and popularity, even having films made out of them (the films were not that great though) nonetheless, kink suddenly became fashionable and not so unusual. Demand for handcuffs, paddles, whips and chains skyrocketed so much so that the usually boring fashion designers decided to follow the trend and introduce rather risqué facets into their collections to appeal to this new demand.

Our beautiful Bedford escorts have always been ahead of the pack and have been interested in kink and fetish forever. They know that kink is just about heightening one or more of our senses so as to bring about a higher intensity of pleasure so are a little bemused by the fact that the rest of the public have taken so long to catch on. Perhaps the introduction of these designer cuffs will open the market for more acceptance for fetish fun because after all, it is only kinky the first time and after that it simply becomes enjoyable!

Many of our clients enjoy kinky encounters that include what could be deemed as fetish practices however our Bedford escorts do not truly consider then so as they simply see them as another way to have pleasure. Why not give us a call and find out if your fetish is not so unusual after all.