It’s for your own good….

Happy Friday, folks! The sun is out, and even if it is a little chilly, you can tell that it won’t be that way long.

A funny story:

Yesterday, we had to turn a gentleman away because he was blind drunk. Not tipsy, not merry; falling over, what’s my name and how did I get here kind of drunk. (Hint: do not come in blind drunk.) So I politely told him that he would have to go. He told me to call him a taxi.

“You’re a taxi,” I complied, then laughingly phoned a taxi to come pick him up.

And then he got a little mouthy. Not abusive as such, (which we don’t tolerate here; no matter what, we treat people with respect, and would ask the same in return) just a little uncooperative, obstinate.

As you can imagine, we helped him quickly out the door, as politely as possible. His parting words were, “You should learn some customer service,” which gave us all a great laugh. But a few minutes later his taxi came, and the driver called us. I went outside to find the gent sitting on the ground. With good humour and the assistance of the taxi driver, I helped him to his feet.

“You are wonderful,” he said. Then he kissed me on my forehead. It was a sweet gesture.

I don’t know if he even recognized me from 10 minutes before.

Honestly, if we say we can’t let you in because you’ve had too much to drink, it’s not because we’re being judgmental. It’s not because we think you are horrible, or mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Please don’t be offended. It’s just because we take everyone’s safety seriously here, and while merriness is fun, we need to make sure that everyone is comfortable about how merry we are. Accept it with good grace, and you will always be welcome when you are sober, or even when you have the hang-over from hell. We’ll even do you a nice cup of coffee, if it helps.