The Food of Love

Our beautiful incall escorts at Intimate Massage often get the chance to chat with their clients and it has become apparent that many of them are members of online dating apps. These are the ones where the users have to make a profile of themselves and the system uses the answers to various questions in order to match you with members of the same or opposite sex in accordance to how well suited you would be. Obviously, we have all heard about the epic fails this has resulted in however there have been a few wins in that couples have managed to find ‘the one’ and go on to live wonderful lives together. As is often the case, many people simply use the app in order to find sexual partners and dates and whilst this is great as long as both parties know exactly where they stand from the outset, it is often better to simply spend time with our stunning Bedford escorts if this is the only purpose of your joining these dating sites.

For many women, although not all, the point of them joining the dating sites is to find a partner. They look at these sites as a way of avoiding the mistakes that are often made when meeting someone in a bar or a nightclub. Perhaps it is the fact that their working lives leave them little time to socialise or maybe they are simply too shy to get out into the fray. It is sometimes the case that women simply do not have the patience to waste time with someone who eventually turns out to be unsuitable, so these online dating apps are a great way of (technically) saving time and making dates with someone who matches them in their ideals, desires, views of the world and personality.

Of course the idea of these apps is to match with as many suitable potential partners as possible and there have been lots of articles written about people’s behavioural patterns and how to get as many matches as possible. There are ways in which we should present ourselves on our profiles that appeal to different people and one of these things apparently is to post pictures of food and talk about food!

A dating app did a survey of all their member’s profiles and it seems that those who post pictures of food and then talk about food apparently get the most matches and interest from others. It measured all the profiles and of those, all of the ones which mentioned food in their first messages and worked out how much more likely you were to gain interest from others if you were to mention food. It seems that if you mention Guacamole in your first message then you will get 144% more messages! Next on the list is potatoes at 101% and then chocolate at 100%. Just the mere mention of food apparently sends potential dates into a frenzy so personal descriptions to include being a ‘foodie’ and enjoy cooking are bound to set you on a path to glory. Be careful what type of food though as apparently ‘fried chicken’ gained the least amount of interest and historically mentioning that you were a vegetarian or vegan meant you received 100% less replies than the carnivores out there. So where does this leave our beautiful Bedford escorts? Indifferent.

Our stunning Bedford escorts have no need to set themselves up on any dating app and they are unlikely to need to promote what type of food they eat in order to get a date. Of course though, all of our Bedford escorts love meat!