We all know that technology moves at a faster pace than most of us can even cope with so it is no surprise to find that surveys have revealed that whilst face book is popular with all age groups, the older 34+ groups tend to stay away from twitter and snap chap. Whatsapp is only gradually being embraced by older generations so tech companies are looking for new ways to entice more of the global population to ensure that they corner every available handset.

This week tech giants Snap chat have revealed that they plan to revamp their platform in a bid to become more user friendly to older age groups. They follow twitter who recently realised that older people cannot seem to get their message across in just 140 characters and so they doubled the size allowance to 280 characters. Snap chat have yet to explain exactly how they plan to attract an older market but they have certainly set the tone to get people thinking. Indeed at our Bedford escort agency we tend to have a mixed age clientele but of the older 34+ age group most people seem content to use messenger to send messages and many are still using email as a means of contact for both private and personal use. It seems that snap chat, whatsapp and even instagram have passed them by so perhaps it is quite sensible for these messaging and social platforms to have a re-think.

Our Bedford escort agency tend to still use the telephone in order to take bookings. People like to actually speak to someone at the end of the line and there can be confusion caused by simply leaving messages and never quite confirming if they have been seen or indeed acted upon. Regardless of whether these platforms are updated or not it will only be when they are commonly used amongst our clientele that we will consider adding them to the ways in which our clients can make bookings or indeed just contact us.

In the way that tinder and online dating has taken the world by storm, the old fashioned ways of enjoying some female company never go away and so at the risk of getting left behind in the world of tech we will continue to offer our services in the way in which our clients prefer until we are requested otherwise. We know that our clients will prefer this as they do with our incall facility.

Outcalls are all the rage in many escort agencies and massage parlours. So much so that incall facilities are starting to die out somewhat. In the heart of Bedford, Intimate massage likes to keep the old traditions alive and offer a place where our clientele can visit as and when it suits them in time honoured tradition. They can also call up using an old fashioned telephone and actually speak to a human being too!

There is plenty to get excited about with all the new possibilities of technology but there is also plenty to offer in the older ways of communication too. We have already seen that people are starting not to actually converse when they are in company. We have all noticed couples and groups of ‘friends’ in the pub or coffee shop, each with their heads buried into their phones whilst all the time ignoring the actual real people opposite them. It is quite ironic that it all falls under the umbrella name of ‘social’ media as it is anything but! Our Bedford escorts certainly like to get social in the old fashioned way so if you want to enjoy some real life connection and actually speak with the person you are with, or at least communicate in some shape or form together then pop in and see which of our stunning Bedford escorts are available.