Something new….

Christmas is a time when companies and merchandisers can introduce a new range of their product and see how it goes. At this time of year people in general are seen to be happier to take risks and to try something new. Our brains have been proven scientifically to think that because it is Christmas it means that we can treat ourselves to luxuries that we would not normally allow ourselves. The same applies to trying something new so it is not surprising that companies tend to launch weird and wonderful versions of their regular products to see what sort of uptake they get.

Christmas food is an obvious choice for companies who want to branch out into new areas and find new audiences. Tesco are known for taking a few risks with our taste buds but never more so than with the newest addition to their crisp flavours. The supermarket have this week unveiled their Candy Cane flavoured crisps under the banner of their Tesco finest range. The crisps have a pinkish tinge and are dusted with a sweet peppermint flavour but despite the fact that all the profits from these odd flavoured snacks are going to good causes it probably wont make us want to buy them again. We much prefer the alternative limited addition ‘pigs in blankets’ flavour.

The benefits of introducing something completely new at Christmas or indeed at any other time of the year is the fact that they can call it ‘limited edition’. This tells consumers that it wont be around for very long and so if they want to try it then they need to do so rather fast. It is a win-win situation for the company because if the launch falls flat then they can withdraw the sale of the item and publicly save face because it was only ever a limited edition anyway or if the product is a roaring success they can boast about it and say that due to popular demand they are rolling it out as part of their brand. This was indeed the case with the Asda triple festive sandwich last year. They introduced it as a limited edition flavour for Christmas and were constantly re stocking their shelves as they were hugely popular however when they continued the flavours into January, the sales suddenly dropped off which shows that we do associate things with special occasions and are less likely to continue wanting them when the occasion has passed.


It is with this in mind that we looked at the trends and patterns we see at our Bedford massage parlour. We see that at Christmas time, especially in the early part of the month of December, our stunning Bedford escorts are inundated with appointments and encounters. These are a mixture of last minute dates from office workers who have enjoyed their festive parties and want to enjoy the perfect end for a thoroughly enjoyable evening and also dates with those who are a little more organised and who know they will want to enjoy a tryst on a particular day because they happen to be in the area or simply have space in their diaries. After December and the Christmas period has passed we find that there are fewer people willing to treat themselves to a tryst with a beautiful woman. It is sad that we don’t feel we deserve such treats at other times of the year as indeed, it is at these other times that we tend to work the hardest so as part of your new Year’s resolutions why not commit to allowing yourself to have more fun and you can start by making a date with one of our Bedford escorts!