Pole Position


Pole Dancing has always been seen as something a little bit sleazy, sexual or something only ever seen in gentlemen’s club but this week it has been announced that this form of gymnastic dance and acrobatic skills may be included as an Olympic sport. The sport, as it is now being called, has been officially awarded observer status by the global Association of International Sports Federations which means that organisers will be receiving help to become a compliant sport which will help it achieve recognition from the various Olympics sporting committees. So where does this leave the various gentlemen’s clubs and pole dancers?

Many of our stunning incall escorts in Bedford are, in fact, very accomplished pole dancers. Their flexibility and grace allow them to move in a seductive manner to entice their companions as part of their seduction technique and we can’t help but feel that if this form of acrobatics were to be given Olympic sport status then that would certainly take away from any alluring and sensual achievement of this type of dance. Of course by achieving world wide recognition it moves this type of dancing into the world’s spotlight and many of our ladies could actually end up becoming Olympic sportswomen but whilst and progression is a good thing it does render the sensual art of seduction a little flat.

There is talk that Pole dancing could be included in the gymnastics section of the Olympics sports but organisers want Pole dancing to be separate and a field of expertise in its own right however we do feel that there are likely to be many exposes on winning ‘athletes’ all about their former employment if that should happen!

In Bedford we have a number of gentlemen’s clubs and indeed many of our previous Bedford escorts have worked in these venues and so are familiar with pole dancing. Their acrobatic prowess definitely assists in their versatility and flexible limbs. This of course makes them some of our top incall escorts however we do question whether the pursuit of Olympic gold could render these ladies out of a job and, lets face it, Olympic gold medallists tend not to be in active employment for most of the year.

The organisers of the Pole Dancing federation is aiming to move this form of movement towards a more accepted sporting field however in doing so, they have a bit of an uphill struggle. Whilst Pole dancing has been adopted by many men in recent years, they state that the take up has increased by 82% and of course it is a very demanding skill, it will still be difficult to take the stigma of sensual and erotic movement away and for our port, we are not sure we want them to.

It might be the case that in years to come clients of our Bedford incall escort agency may well end up seeing some of their favourite companions competing at the Olympics and of course if this does happen then we will be their biggest supporters however we will still feel a little nostalgic for the times when Pole dancing meant erotic seduction and sensual skills that were transferable from stage to intimacy.

In order to be included as an Olympic sport, Pole dancing must undergo rigorous observation over the next few years. Given the fact that the Olympics are only ever held every four years it may not be until 2024 that it is officially included in the programme of events so it is likely that our current experts will miss out on Olympic gold but as far as our clients are concerned our sensual and erotic Bedford escorts always win gold in their eyes and whilst they may not be recognised the world over, they mean the world to our clients.