One of the many prerequisites for being an escort is to have an open mind.  The role of an escort, certainly at Intimate Massage is, of course, to fulfil fantasies and in order to do that an escort needs to be open to various requests and desires. An escort who is not open- minded is an escort no one wants to spend time with. Luckily at our incall escort agency we have managed to bring together a fine choice of beautiful and very open minded young ladies who will naturally make all your desires and dreams come true.


At Intimate Massage Bedford escort agency we strive to maintain the highest of standards when it comes to accepting local escorts for promotion. We ensure that all possible requests are put to the Bedford escort in order that we may see if the escort has any issues with any of the possible scenarios she may find herself in. Only those incall escorts who welcome interesting and new experiences enthusiastically are able to progress to the next stage of our selection process. Escorts who do not give the responses we are looking for are encouraged to rethink their career plans. This is how we ensure that our client s enjoy an amazing encounter each and every time they visit our Bedford incall facilities.


As you might expect, the open-minded escorts in Bedford are great fun to be with. They relish every new experience and encourage their companions to expand their horizons so that they may enjoy their time with their date even more. A truly open minded incall escort will ensure that the client will have had the most explosive time with the escort of his choice and also makes sure that he will leave with a sense of fulfilment and completeness. This feeling may not last long though as the desire to explore further and develop the experience further will return and ensure that he has the desire to meet with the same incall escort again and again.


All our Bedford escorts at Intimate Massage are guaranteed to be completely open minded and non judgmental. All our escorts in Bedford appreciate the courage it takes to speak of a personal fantasy and so will do their utmost to reassure their clients that they are enthusiastic about engaging in the fantasy and not only that, will offer new and even more exciting ways to reach nirvana for the client. Of course all fantasies must always fit within the realms of legality, but other than that, anything goes!


Many of our open-minded escorts are also available for couples escort appointments so if you and your partner feel that you would both like to spice things up a bit then one of our stunning open minded escorts will be available to help you achieve your wishes. Choosing one of our open minded Bedford escorts as your partner ensures that both you and your other half can rest assured that your date will be completely confidential and also that emotions are less likely to become involved in the situation as can happen if anyone other than a Bedford escort is involved.


If you feel you would like to spend time, either by yourself or with your partner with one or more of our open minded Bedford escorts at our incall facilities in the centre of town then you only need to call our agency and speak with one of our bookings team. We will aim to ensure that all your needs, fantasies and desires are not only met but surpassed.