Since it is approaching Christmas, well according to all the town centres who seem to be determined to launch it this week with their festive light displays, we thought we would bring to your attention a new product which is linked (somewhat) to Christmas. We know that the 3 wise men traveled on camels to see the baby Jesus but maybe they were called wise because their choice of transportation also provided them with sustenance? Asda has decided that Camel milk is a thing and have chosen to sell it via 144 of its shops! If you really want to enjoy a Christmas theme then why not leave some out for Santa instead of the usual semi skimmed stuff and see what happens. Apparently he is used to its slightly saltier taste as it is already drunk a great deal in the middle east and Arabic countries.

The company which sells the camel milk is owned by none other than the ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who would certainly have a lot of sway in getting his products onto the supermarket shelves.. The company state that apparently they have had customers asking about it for quite a while, although we have never seen demonstrations demanding that the local Asda in Bedford comply. It seems that the company, camelicious, also create other items from their ships of the desert as well as milk. Flavoured milks such as Strawberry, Saffron and chocolate as well as , wait for it, cheese, ghee and labneh. There you go, Christmas sorted.

It is likely that this announcement is set to send the people of Bedford wild with anticipation as this new product has hit the shelves ready for the festive season. We can see children all over the county rushing to drink gallons of the stuff especially the flavoured varieties but if you thought that was it, then you would be wrong as they also plan to launch a camel milk ice cream which will no doubt come in a variety of interesting flavours too, one of the biggest sellers in the desert no doubt.

Asda has appeared in the news quite a bit this week as the £250 Asda voucher scam managed to fool a lot of people. The Whatsapp message was received by millions who clicked on the link and immediately ended up sending it to their entire friends list too.. For those who actually paid a but of attention to the message they soon realised that A) Asda is unlikely to give away £250 vouchers to everyone and B)even less likely to do it over Whatsapp. Plus the various spelling mistakes are a little bit of a giveaway too. Since the App is one which is favoured by the younger generation, these were the people who were less likely to take any notice of any spelling mistakes and also those who were less likely to worry about whether marketing messages were likely to be used in this way. Maybe they are used to seeing such things as advertising messages through WhatsApp and also camel milk in the supermarket.

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