Charity at Christmas


We’ve all done it, haven’t we? You have gone to the recycling bin and accidentally put the bag with all your precious jewels in and left yourself holding a bag of shredded bank statements and empty milk cartons. Oh the annoyance! Well this did actually happen to a Bedfordshire woman a couple of weeks ago and strangely enough she made such a fuss that the story appeared in local press in the area. It turns out that it wasn’t a recycling bin but a charity collection bag and the charity in question were absolutely delighted with the anonymous and very generous donation. Sadly they read about the story and felt they couldn’t keep quiet about their unexpected gift and this week the Woburn woman was reunited with her diamonds and sapphires along with a gentle reminder about keeping them safe in the future.

It was certainly no mean feat that the charity workers found the precious jewellery as they had to sift through over 1 tonne of donated clothes and bric a brac that had been donated just that day. Luckily for the Bedford woman, a keen eyed worker spied something sparkling in a pile of clothes and retrieved the items. From what could have been an absolute disaster has been turned into a major marketing campaign for the charity as they have decided to refer to the incident in their Christmas marketing campaign. The bags are set to be delivered out again to local homes with the message – Please look out for our bags, but just be careful what you put in them! So, all is well for everyone.

At this tine of year, especially on Christmas day it can be quite a task to ensure that things do not get caught up with all the rubbish. In households where there are likely to be plenty of people and presents if you are not careful those diamond earrings could easily be caught up in the wrapping paper rubbish so it is essential that you throw your rubbish away as you go along otherwise you might find yourself sifting through it later at best and at worse missing that extra special gift.

Our own Bedford escorts regularly receive Christmas gifts from their regular clients which is a charming and thoughtful thing to do. Our Bedford escorts are always touched by the fact that their clients think to buy them a little trinket as a show of respect and appreciation as these are not expected at all. The fact that so many people are happy to use services such as gift aid and charity collections shows that people are much more generous than we often give them credit for so perhaps at this time of year it is worth remembering that people are not quite as bad as we may sometimes think. Our Bedford escorts know that their clients are the most warm and friendly gentlemen in the local area and so at this tine of year we would like to extend a special thank you to all our clients, past and future who make our experiences that much more enjoyable.

It is so easy at other times of the year to simply be so caught up with our lives and work that we forget that others could benefit from our generosity so at Christmas with these donations and charity collections it is worth taking part and having a bit of a sort out as it does in fact benefit ourselves too. Just remember though, be careful what bag you throw your antique jewellery in as it might not always be so easy to retrieve!