The World Health Organisation this week released the results of a report which showed that 44 out of 51 UK towns had failed tests which measured the quality of their air showing that millions of people in the UK are inhaling air which is considered to be too dangerous to breathe! Obviously there are scary findings so the first thing we did was to see if Bedford featured anywhere and luckily it seems that the quality of the air we breathe in Bedford is not amongst the most dangerous places. That is not to say that our air is pure, just that given the levels of traffic we have compared to other places, there are less sooty particles that we all breathe in.

Of course this is great news, especially since our clients and our incall Bedford escorts tend to do a great deal of heavy breathing, although not outside in the traffic (for the most part!) but it makes for interesting reading especially if, like many of our clients, you travel throughout the UK for the purposes of your business. The list has been complied using tests for tiny soot particles in the air. Where these particles measure greater than 2.5 microns then anything over 10 microns per cubic metre of air is deemed as dangerous. These particles have been linked to heart disease and premature death so it is all pretty serious stuff! Perhaps unsurprisingly Glasgow features as the UK’s most dangerous place with an air quality measurement of 16. Scunthorpe is the next on the list which equals the same measurement and in fact this could be deemed as more serious since Scunthorpe is smaller in area than Glasgow.

The closest places to Bedford which failed the air quality test are Southend in Essex and Norwich in Norfolk. Even Cambridge passed, although perhaps not so surprising since the entire area is filled with bicycles! So at least this is a heads up for people who travel in the East Anglia area for the places most likely to cause illness. Luckily our incall Bedford escorts can rest assured that Bedford has been tested for its air quality and passed so visiting our Bedford escorts at our incall facility in the town centre is certainly not bad for your respiratory health! Indeed the health benefits for sensual and erotic intimacy are already well documented so this just adds another feather in our cap that there are certainly health benefits to spending time with our Bedford escorts.

Of course these findings have been seized upon by those who always bang on about climate change and ‘green air’ so expect to see air pollution taxes increased in all of these areas to counteract the problems. We have never quite been sure of the aim of so called ‘green taxes’ other than being used as a cash cow for financially strapped councils but since this is the most likely outcome of these findings we should count ourselves extra lucky that Bedford is one of the places which does not feature on the hit list!

Whilst our clients do not need any reason to confirm that their decision to spend time with our beautiful incall escorts in Bedford is the right one, this certainly helps. The fact that clients can visit our incall facilities in the centre of town means that they are accessible every day and the client is in control of when he is available to spend time with any of our team. As most clients know we operate a rota basis but clients can call ahead to find out which of our beauties is available or they can check online when it is convenient for them to do so. Of course our reception team are always on hand to assist should clients need them