All about us…

Bedford is a thriving town with plenty of large open spaces for locals and visitors to enjoy however this may be a little short lived given that last month the government ordered the local council to find space to build a further 6,600 houses in addition to the 19,000 Bedford is already committed to. Whilst this is of course great news for our local Bedford escorts in that they can look forward to even greater demand for their time and companionship, in other ways this is not such a great idea as the infrastructure of the town is already under pressure.

The unveiling of the Tikku micro-home looked like it could have been the answer everyone was waiting for until it was noted that the spacious three floor building had no kitchen or running water however as a concept building, there could be room for improvement. The building actually only takes up the floor area of a parking space and is designed to be built in cities where there is easy access to water, although we wouldn’t fancy the queues for the shower in the morning!

Running water is certainly something you can rely on at our incall facilities in Bedford. Each of our rooms enjoys the private use of en-suite jacuzzi/bath so you can get up to your eyes in bubble in the company of your beautiful Bedford escort. Difficult to see how you could enjoy such pleasures in one of the Tikku homes so perhaps they are not quiet ready for mass production just yet!

If luxury is something you are seeking then you will certainly find it in the comfortable and private surroundings of our incall facilities in Bedford. As well as the en-suite jacuzzi or bath, we also provide climate controlled air conditioning, controlled dimmer lighting for that intimate mood and softly piped music suitable for seduction. A wall mounted mirror provides the perfect perspective and soft fluffy bathrobes and towels are just that little bit of added luxury to ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible. Of course not forgetting our beautiful Bedford escorts who will delight and ignite the flame of passion from within and keep you enthralled and entertained for the duration of your date.

Whilst we encourage pre-booking to ensure that our clients never suffer the disappointment of their favourite Bedford escort already being otherwise engaged, it is not necessary at the moment. With all these extra homes and subsequent population growth that can only be expected over the next few years we may have to change that policy. With so many locals in the area, we fear our Bedford escorts may only be able to work on a pre-booked basis and so we would encourage clients to book with as much notice as possible I order that they do not miss out. Of course this is all plans for the future but for the present we will continue to welcome walk ins as usual.

As you can see from our website we already have a number of highly skilled incall escorts available every night of the week. Many of our Bedford escorts are not native to the area and have themselves settled from other parts of the country and beyond. They can see the appeal of the area and are not surprised that Bedford is a natural choice for new home building so perhaps expansion and a greater population numbers is not all bad if most of them come to the area to join us as Intimate Massage. If that were the case there would be very few complaints from the male local population at least!