A Nice Little Touch

At our Bedford incall massage and escort agency we often get a great deal of confusion about the differences between exotic massages and erotic massages. They are, in fact, two different thing so perhaps it might help to explain both in our blog.

Obviously it is helpful to point out that regular massages tend to be focused on relieving muscle and join aches and pains are in no way sensual or have any sexual connotations. Our massage service is one which tends not to focus on clients who are seeking relief from muscle pain although the very act of massage will lead to general soothing of muscles and joints but this is not our primary aim.

An erotic massage is perhaps the most sexual type of massage there is. Its primary aim is to achieve arousal and in many cases fulfillment. This is often known as a ‘happy ending’. For massage therapists who deal with sports injuries or muscle injuries, there can be no ‘happy ending’ other than the cessation of pain or discomfort. Our masseuses aim to fulfil the sensual and erotic needs of our clients by focusing on the erogenous zones with the aim of triggering sexual excitation.

There is a much greater level of intimacy between the masseuse and the client in these forms of massage. They tend to be performed for pleasure although in recent years these massages have been performed in order to treat certain sexual health problems such as erectile dysfunction and inhibitions however in our massage agency our ladies tend to perform their massages for pleasure and fulfillment and for this reason our beauties are highly skilled, intimate and bring an emotional and sensual level to their art.

The erotic massages are again, slightly different in that they tend to be the ones which have been derived from ancient massage techniques from places such as Hawaii, India, Thailand and China. The reason they are known as exotic massages is simply because the places that they have come from are also known as exotic locations. The exotic massage started out as a way of healing through ancient philosophy. The involve a much more spiritual side although we have been able to encompass many of these practises within our erotic massages and bring about an experience which satisfies the mind, body and soul! With exotic massage, it is open to a great deal more interpretation than any other type of massage and your level of enjoyment is highly dependent on the skills and service provided by the masseuse themselves.

At our Bedford massage and incall escort agency we are proud of the fact that our own masseuses are highly skilled and extremely imaginative young ladies and they all have their own way of achieving satisfaction to their clients. We like to think that our clients thoroughly enjoy their erotic and their exotic massages because of the unique elements each of our masseuses bring. Of course since this interpretation is subjective then the only way to decide if it is right for you and your needs is to experience it however the reputation and excellent feedback our escorts and our masseuses regularly receive should go some way towards showing just how good they are at their art.

If you would like to enjoy a new experience and want to discover the differences yourself in our exotic massage and erotic massage service then do give us a call and see which of our ladies’ is available. Our escorts and massage experts are highly trained but they all like to bring their own imaginative ways and inventive actions to the table to provide a unique experience every time. Why not call and make a booking tonight?