Commuter Chaos

If you live in Bedford then you will know that a great many people travel into and out of the capitol city every day for work purposes.  This has been the attraction of moving to Bedford for generations in that people could have their cake and eat it by working in London but not having to live there. Commuters could enjoy the best of both worlds in that they could earn London salaries and yet still enjoy the wide open spaces of the countryside at the weekends and evenings; this idyllic set-up, however, is about to be spoilt for the next couple of years at least as it has been announced this week that the East Midlands trains which operate into and out of the capitol are cutting their services.

The effect on locals will mean that their travel time into and out of London is set to double. Thameslink trains service operates a regular ‘slow’ train into London which stops at all stations between Bedford and St Pancras. During the rush hour East Midlands operates a ‘fast’ service which misses out most of the stops and reduces travel time from 59 minutes down to 37 minutes. It was recently announced that from the New Year for the next two years these fast services are to be stopped and there will be no fast service into or out of London during peak hours. This of course means that passengers will need to take earlier trains if they want to get into work on time in the new year.

This is a hammer blow for commuters who already pay huge sums in order to use the train service, but the train company say that the reason they have stopped these trains is to improve the railway lines in Bedford and upgrade the system. They have said the dreaded words that in place of these fast trains they will put on a coach service. Not sure how fast that will e, unless of course these coach services can fly past the traffic that is set to increase with the cancellation of these important services.

Of course any problems with commuting is bound to cause stress levels to rise in passengers. The train services are already over prescribed and purchasing an annual season ticket does not mean that a passenger will ever get a seat! These new services are unfortunately not likely to ever solve these issues and even once the services are back in place in 2020, the service is likely to be over prescribed and uncomfortable for passengers before the first train even pulls out of the station! Whilst commuters understand that the system needs to be maintained and upgraded, there never seems to be any more room or a more comfortable or faster journey, it always seems that £millions are spent but no-one can see any benefits for it.

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