Woburn Abbey


There are few places in the world where you can dine out in a high class restaurant which has been built in France and yet resides in the English countryside however in the grounds of Woburn Abbey, you can do just that at Paris House. The Tudor properties in Cheshire were the inspiration for the building of Paris House in the Rue de Nations in Paris in 1878. This was for the Paris International exhibition which saw 28 buildings created, each to represent their various countries. Paris House as it was subsequently named was the building that the 9th Earl of Bedford fell in love with during his visit and he had it shipped back to England and put back together like a massive Lego model in the grounds of his family estate in Woburn Bedfordshire. It was be the equivalent today of someone falling in love with a summerhouse at the Ideal Home show and them having it rebuilt in their own garden.



Obviously since it was not a property that the Duke was to live in, it had plenty of different uses during the years. It started life as something of a folly in which the Duke would visit and ‘play house’ in the summer months. When he grew tired of it the property became staff accommodation then in later years at the turn of the 20th century it became a wartime hospital. In recent years it has been used as a very high class (and expensive) restaurant which has won many awards and even the prestigious Michelin stars. Exclusive art and sculpture is displayed on the walls, many pieces of which can be purchased by diners if their pockets are deep enough and whilst you may think that this was likely to be a ridiculously priced menu they have tasting menus which start from £43 per person for a 6 course lunch. Don’t expect to leave the building feeling stuffed though as portions are rather small per course.


It is probably a good idea that our Bedfordshire escorts do not offer outcalls as part of their services as it would be probable that clients would wish to dine out in this restaurant. Beautiful though it is and delicious as the food obviously is, our Bedford escorts have big appetites, as our clients are likely to find out when they meet. While our Bedford escorts like to enjoy a dinner date they ultimately prefer to enjoy those intimate and private encounters that fulfill the appetites and do not have anything to do with hunger at all! Of course for those who are visiting Woburn Abbey or the safari park which is located in the extensive grounds, a stop off to Paris House restaurant might be the penultimate enjoyment of the day of course if clients are in Bedford then it only stands to reason that they should finish off their evening with an encounter with our beautiful escorts.

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