Treat Yourself


One sure fire way to know that Christmas is on the way is the fact that supermarkets are filling their shelves with various advent calendars. The most popular of course are those which are filled with chocolate but it might surprise some of our younger escorts to know that they were not always chocolate treats behind the numbered doors. For those who grew up before the 1980’s, there was a distinct lack of any chocolate and there was simply a different picture every day. And we got excited about it. Today it seems that we are not even satisfied with chocolate any more there has to be a themed advent calendar and one which has different things behind each door.

A single visit to Boots the chemist will show that there are all sorts of ‘pamper’ advent calendars to be purchased. Each door has a mini make up or skin care product and usually the advent calendar costs a small fortune. Gone are the days when they would cost less than £1 but today they are £40 or £50 upwards. Full of miniature anythings that nobody ever uses, except of course the ones with spirits in, they are used. See the pub crawl calendar for further details.

Holland and Barrett have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering their advent calendar at £35. It features a host of mini marvels including all natural treats for the face and body. Amazon have perhaps one of the very best value advent calendars with a whole host of treats from brands such as Molton Brown, Essie, Rituals and Rimmel worth over £185 but yet costing just £50 but our favourite has to be the prosecco advent calendar at £125 but with that extra bit of fizz it is bound to get Christmas off to a sizzling start! There are craft beer calendars and new to the market and one which we expect to hear a great deal about once it is officially announced is the Aldi wine advent calendar. This costs just £50 and features 24 200ml bottles of red, white and rose wine and even one with prosecco and champagne. We are guessing that those are for the 24th and 25th but just in case it needs to be said, if you get one of those, don’t go opening it every day until you get home in the evening. We know everyone tends to open their calendars first thing in the morning but probably would not be wise to have opened a 200ml bottle of wine before the morning commute!

With all these little gifts inside the advent calendars things have moved on from simply opening a door to reveal a picture behind. If people were happy with that then we would be sending out advent calendars of our own although perhaps people may not be too keen on hanging them over their mantelpieces. Instead we will simply rely on the fact that our clients like to visit us at our Bedford location and unwrap their gifts to themselves in person.

There are lots of different traditions and festive related things that tell us the time is soon upon us. There will be real Christmas trees outside every supermarket and signs along every country road urging us to visit their ‘orchards’ and pick your own. Every TV and radio advert will feature bells of some kind with urgent messages telling us to order soon or we wont get it in time for Christmas. One thing you can rely on is the fact that our escorts in Bedford wont run away any time before Christmas and if you want to make your date then we wont give you any deadlines in which to do so.